Our Kids, Our Future

20210806 Scott Henry-10.jpg
  • Focus on academics, not politics 
  • Servant leadership that puts students first
  • Respect family boundaries
  • Bring accountability and Cy-Fair’s most cherished values back to our schools
  • Empower our teachers to connect with students, inspire academic excellence, and be passionate about teaching again
A global economy needs top-ranked graduates with proper skills and training. 
  • We need to double down our efforts and money on STEM programs for all students in our schools

  • Investing more in before and after school tutoring

Eliminate Critical Race Theory from Cy-Fair ISD
  • The board should all agree to never support divisive ideologies like CRT in any classroom, book, or teacher training in Cy-Fair

  • Teaching kids to see privilege or prejudice where it does not exist is wrong and does not belong in the classroom

 Parental involvement and control in education.
  • The board serves the community at the pleasure of the parents and the taxpayers.  The board should represent them effectively instead of advancing their own agendas

  • Parents need more opportunities to provide meaningful input to the educational direction of Cy-Fair ISD with transparency in curriculum 

Let Teachers teach again with more control in the classroom
  • Keeping and retaining the best talent for Cy-Fair ISD

  • Teachers should have creative freedom to customize lesson plans and to adapt those lessons to the current students.